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LMS Principals

Dr. Sharon Hoye
Phone: 601-775-3614
Mr. Darrin Gray
Assistant Principal
Phone: 601-775-3614


SCSD is committed to being ONE CLEAR VOICE with great PRIDE, PASSION, and PURPOSE providing a safe HARBOR OF HOPE for ALL dedicated to raising the bar to the NEXT LEVEL while making an impact on children with a relentless effort to be CHILD FOCUSED.

Vision: Lake Middle School is committed to providing students with a 21st century quality education that promotes academic, physical, and emotional growth.

Core Beliefs: :

  1. LMS shares the responsibility of assisting in developing character, personal responsibility, humanitarianism, and respect for both our students and others.
  2. LMS staff is committed to the continuous improvement in teaching, leadership, and accountability of our success. 
  3. LMS educational purpose is to lead, guide, and direct the leaders of tomorrow in the best direction possible to be successful today and in the future. 
The Scott County School District (SCSD) will provide students a quality education while
teaching core values, college and career readiness, and twenty-first century skills through reallife application to produce productive members of society.